If any of you are familiar with my other website this is basically an extension of that. I'll be posting updates of my recent personal and professional work here from time to time. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Okay... So now I have Blog...

Okay... So now I have Blog... The reason I've decided to start blogging  is to seperate the WIP section from, which will in-turn evolve into a more streamlined portfolio based website.

I want to try and keep simple and clean and not have it bogged down with with all my unfinished work (yes there is quite a bit of that). I'm hoping to be more productive over the coming days - I'm already busy with a new character which I'll try and post soon. As far as the other recent work in progress on, I'll be transferring that all here.

Until then...



  1. Great news ^^
    Happy to see your work in progress :)

  2. Thanks Serge. I think having a blog is at least going to inspire me to be more productive and create more work to update the blog with.