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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Girl Bust 01 and some hair.

This has taken me an hour or two longer than I initially intended, but I think it's been worth the extra time. I've Mostly just been experimenting - trying to loosen up and get a more natural quality to my sculpts.

Anyway, I think she is mostly done. Just the hair now... I've blocked in some rough shapes so far. Not sure I'll stick to this hairstyle though...



  1. Thank you Serge. Mostly just the hair left to do. I have one other idea I might try out as well. I want to get her finished now and move on to the next one. I was thinking of possibly doing a likeness... will have to see ;)

  2. Looking great!!! great pose and expression. I wanna try one of these in clay.

  3. Thanks bud. That would be wicked. Last time I touched clay was about 14 years ago :(