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Sunday, 2 May 2010

New female base model

I  started a fresh base female nude model a couple of weeks back. I know I've made a few in the past but I wanted to correct some topology and add in some mesh detail to the base model before sculpting (ear, finger nail and toe nail detail). Doing this will also eliminate the need to go back and retopologise once I'm done. I've decided to go with a slightly higher detail base mesh, rather than the low poly one's that I have used in the past - I initially used the base mesh from one of my last base models and added in all the extra detail.

I also decided to give UVLayout a go. It's pretty good but takes a bit of getting used to the old school interface. However, there are loads of tutorial videos on the author's website. Just dig a bit and you'll find them.

I'll hopefully start building a character around her soon. Just not too sure what yet... hmm.


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