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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Texturing Punk Girl last year...

This is where I last left off texturing her last year. I want to try and get stuck back into her soon. I just need to try and remember what I was doing last.

The texturing is in a really basic state at the moment and will most likely change quite a bit. I was just blocking everything in before getting into refining any of the texture work (dirt, rust, tattoos and so on...). Notice the lovely seam on her dome.

These screengrabs are using Laurens Corijn's realtime Xoliulshader. I probably won't use it for the final renders though, when I finish her off. I just find using a realtime shader along with regular Max shaders really helpful when doing the initial texturing

Please note: My screen grabs are using an old version (1.3) of the shader - there is a more up to date version. The only textures I've used here are diffuse and normal maps. The specular/gloss is from the shader.


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