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Sunday, 6 March 2011


I'm finalizing all the tattoos now. Still got a few left to colour and possibly then blend them a bit better with the underlying skin and then I can call them done. What a pain...

Once these are done, it's just a matter of baking all the textures onto one sheet (I've textured each part on a separate texture page), posing her and creating a base. So, hopefully not too much longer to go. I really, really need to finish her off... really!

At the moment this is still just a viewport grab from within Max so the specular, etc. is still not perfect. I'll be creating proper shaders for her when the time comes.

I think she is quite possibly going to be my last "low poly" model for a long time.

Comments always welcome.



  1. cool love the mohawk and subtle quality of the form very nicely done :)

  2. Thank you. I'll post more shots sometime soon, once I'm done with the tattoos... hopefully this week.

  3. cool ill keep watching out for them :)

    i've recently posted up a bust of a mohawk if theres any crit you could give me would greatly be appreciated