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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Render tests...

I started testing out VRay for the fist time in ages. Okay I lie, I tested  it on a earlier version of this model months back and she's changed a lot since then. It was quite a basic quick test only using a diffuse map and no SSS. But honestly, the last time I used VRay was back when it was free and still in Beta testing.

These are a few of the latest renders I've been testing. The first two in the row of four have GI enabled whilst the last don't, thus their more waxy quality.

This full figure one is the last one that I've done today. The shading is by no means finished, but I'm still really happy with these results. There's still a lot to do to her, mostly:

- Finish sculpting and cleaning up her anatomy;
- Add asymmetrical anatomical detail; 
- Her texturing (diffuse) is about 95% done - finish a few things here and there;
- Update and tweak secondary maps (glossiness, bump, etc.);
- Add hair (her eyebrows are only textured in at the moment but I'll be grooming those with a proper hair system as well);
- Pose her;
- Clothe her;
- Create environment;
- Render, render... and render...

More to come...



  1. Wow, I really love your work. i would love to hear more about how you go by creating the glossiness and material for the skin.

    Also, impressive showreel!

  2. Thanks. If you mean the glossiness it's just a very simple black and white map with varying tones of white which is then plugged in to Vray's FastSSS2 glossiness slot. There's the colour map which I created in Mari from reference photos, a 32bit displacement map created from the Zbrush sculpt and a bump map derived from the colour map and tweaked in areas. The Subsurface is a simple colour at the moment but I might swap that out for a map at a later stage.

    I hope that helps :)