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Thursday, 20 May 2010

A small bit of work

I've been working on my base model on and off. She's still only on sub-division three, which would actually be sub-division 4 as my base mesh is more detailed than usual (see the wireframe here). I'm sticking to this level of detail for now until I have most of what's needed before sub-dividing her more.

I've also been working on my Punk Girl on and off. I need to swap out the old mesh with the new retopologised mesh in ZBrush so that I can bake the normal maps. I've been doing some tests by bringing the new retopologised  mesh into Zbrush, but I'm getting spiking which sucks ass (strangely enough I never had this problem with my female base mesh when I tweaked the mesh's topology and brought it back into Zbrush). I also tried re-projecting instead, setting the PA Blur to 8 as suggested, but that didn't help too much - still getting weird spikes in the ears, eyes and mouth areas. If it becomes too painful I might just bake the normals in xNormal.

Edit: For some reason the hand thumbnail seems to be a different colour to what it is meant to be?!?



  1. Great work Gary ! The face is amazing :)

  2. Thanks Serge. I've made a few small subtle changes since. I've also added indentations to the eyes for the pupil, which makes the eyes come alive.