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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

She's finally complete!!!

Finally!!!... Bloody finally!! I got around to finishing her! I can't even remember when I actually started working on her. I think it was roughly 3 years ago when I was working on Wolfenstein! I'll admit that she was a real drag to work on at times, especially towards the end. I kept putting her on hold and would pick at her every now and then.

But saying that, I'm mostly happy with her. One or two things here and there that I would have changed or would have like to have tweaked more: her anatomy, the tattoos, her pose and skinning; she could be optimised more. I would have liked to have given her a base, etc, etc. This is the case with something that has been worked on over such a long period of time... But no!! NO more!! She needed to be laid to rest!! I think If I had worked on her any longer I would have gone nuts.

Anyway saying all that she is most likely going to be my last real-time character. You can see more of her on my website:

I've already made some progress with another character - I'm currently texturing the base skin, which is roughly 90% done! WOOO!

More updates soon... hopefully...



  1. "She's finally" sexy ! ;)

  2. Looks great. Are the tattoos your own designs? Some really nice detailing in there. Laddered stocking are a nice touch.

  3. Thanks. Yeah some are my own and others from a tattoo book. I wanted to do them all by hand but was on the verge of breaking stuff. I think should I ever need to do tattoos again I'll make the all from scratch.

  4. How's things going by the way Dave?

  5. Awesome stuff Gary! Now all we need is someone putting together a Tank Girl game :)

    ... although the tattoos would have to go which would make me sad :)