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Monday, 13 May 2013

A new stylized character

I'm still working on my Living Dead Girl character - she's about 90% done, but felt like working on something a bit different for a change, so I began work on this stylized character about a week ago in my spare time. I also had a bit of downtime whilst working on 300: Rise Of An Empire at Cinesite so also managed to squeeze in some work on her there. And yes, I'm using Maya.

Most of the base geometry is done with the exception of the figure itself, which is still the low poly base mesh and is thus lacking detail and shape. I still need to add in small details like toe and finger nails and flesh out more of her forms and also give her proper ears. I want to keep her quite simple and not add too much anatomical detail. I've been really inspired by Paranorman and a few other films lately, so felt like doing something a bit more in that vain, though this won't be anywhere nearly as stylized as that.

I'm actually working on 3 characters at the moment; one I mentioned in a previous post (Living Dead Girl 4) which I've put on hold until I finish the 3rd (Living Dead Girl) and this character. I want both characters done for when I launch my new website.

More to come...


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